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Weekend treats

Tomorrow is Saturday. It means we office workers have a bit more time. The pace is slower, lazy even, schedules and chores permitting. And as a result, our meals can be slower too.  It’s undeniably nicer to be able to cook something fresh and savour out in the sun, rather than reheating and scoffing at desks, or dashing across to the shopping centre to grab mass produced takeaways of limited nutritional value.

There’s nothing I love more of a Saturday then heading the two blocks to the markets, grabbing crusty bread, fresh produce and delicious deli goodies and enjoying  a lazy lunch. We have such access to variety now. Airplanes and freezers allow us whatever we want, pretty much year round. As such I think it’s incredibly important to think of meals that can start to seem somewhat ordinary as “treats”. If its yum, it’s special. This not only helps keep olives that little bit exotic, it’s also been one of the cornerstones of my changing attitude to food and part of what has allowed me to lose 15kg since September.

But the meal below isn’t one I’d advise to those looking to lose weight. My food coach wouldn’t be a big fan of the glass of wine, or the double dose of cheese. Nothing is wrong in moderation, but this meal is definitely a treat.

So, go, shop, prepare, eat. Our nights may be cold, and our mornings frosty, but this week at least midday has been crisp and bright. Make the most of the autumn sunshine and treat yourself to a lazy, luxurious lunch.